Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fire Riser Rooms

Below you can find two pictures showing fire riser rooms at a multi-storey building.

Picture 1 - Fire Riser Room

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Here you can see wet riser pipes and hose reel pipes.

For the uninitiated, wet risers are vertical pipes that are always under pressure with water.

This means that any time a fire occurs in a building, you will have water to fight the fire immediately. You can connect the flexible hose provided in the riser room or the riser shaft at each floor to the landing valve of the vertical wet riser pipe.

The hose reel system is also part of the fire fighting system in a building.

To be precise, this is what you can and will use to fight fire when it happens. The wet riser are designed for use by firemen.

The hose reel pipes are also kept under pressure at all time. The system are provided with pumps that operates automatically to keep the hose reel piping under adequate constant pressure at all times.

The water jet produced by the hose reels are however only adequate to fight small fires. That is why firemen will not use it. It is designed for use by building occupants BEFORE firemen arrives.

Dry risers, on the other hand, are similar to the wet riser piping, but without the water. They are simply vertical pipes without water. The water needed to fight fire will be from the fire trucks brought in by the firemen when they arrive.

The above is a highly simplified brief of the fire risers to give casual readers some meaning of what they are.

I will post a more detailed explanation of the fire fighting systems for buildings in a near future.

Picture 2 - Chilled water pipe installed inside a fire riser shaft.

Here you can see a vertical  pipe that may not belong here.

This is a chilled water pipe.

Some fire authorities may not allow other services to be installed inside the fire riser shaft. It was allowed in this project.

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