Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1600 kVA Transformer Pictures

You can see below a few pictures of a 1600 kVA electrical power transformer being unloaded from a transport truck.

Picture 1 – 1600 kVA, 11kV/415V electrical power transformer being unloaded

I will not be writing much today. I have not been sending posts to this blog for a while because my new project was taking much more of my time than I originally expected. It not yet finished even now.

So I decided to take a little time off just to get refreshed, and maybe send a post or two to this blog.

To regular readers who keep visiting this blog, I thank you for your time.
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Picture 2 – Also the same transformer, just at a different angle

This 1600 kVA, 11kV/415V transformer was one of three units for this new office building. The other 2 units were both rated 1000 kVA each.

Picture 3 – On-board crane lifting the transformer

Picture 4 – The lifted transformer approaching the electrical substation entrance door

Picture 5 – Powerful machines still need men’s help

Here you can see that even a powerful machine like this crane still cannot do all the work. Human strength and assistance are still needed to finish the job.

The transformer has been delivered when the substation building has been fully completed. If the transformer had come two or three months earlier (it should have actually, but that is a story for another day), there was a bigger opening left at the entrance so that the crane could just slide through a little bit into the substation.

That would have allowed it to be placed directly on the flat surface of the substation floor.

In this case here, the crane could only bring the transformer as far as a few inches before the substation room door. That was really not good because it is a practice to build a substation floor 8 inch to 12 inch above the finished ground level around it.

So if you see closely in the picture, there is a concrete slope right outside of the entrance door.

I cannot recall the precise weight of a cast resin transformer of this rating. My guess is around 8,000 kg to 12,000 kg. That is really a huge weight to be pushing up that slope.

That is why you can see the seriousness of those men.

Picture 6 – Past the entrance slope, and inside the transformer room

Here the workmen have made it past the entrance slope and is now inside the transformer room.

Notice the light green pulling rope tied close to the two transformer wheels. The workmen made use of the concrete cable trench (just outside of the picture on the right) and use it as a hedge to provide the pulling strength when overcoming the resistance at the slope.

Observe also the 11 kV high voltage switchgears behind the moving power transformer. These HV panels were delivered four or five months before the transformer.

At that time, the brick-wall around the substation entrance was left uncompleted so that switchgears and transformers could be landed directly by the mobile cranes onto the flat substation floor.

The HV switchgears were delivered on time, but all three 11/.415kV transformers were delayed by three months. The works on the substation front wall and the installation of the entrance door had to proceed.

Picture 7 – A closer view of the 1600 kVA transformer

It is still wrapped, but I believe the plastic sheet is clear enough that you can still see the connection terminals of the low voltage windings.

The high voltage connection terminals are on the other side of the transformer.

Picture 8 – Delivery of the two 1000kVA transformers

This is the delivery of the other two units of the transformers for the building’s electrical substation.

This time the delivery truck had no on-board crane, so a mobile crane had to be called in. I believe this was a 25-ton crane. So even if the 1000 kVA transformer weighs 12,000 kg, it should be no problem at all for the big machine.

Picture 9 – Again, the 25-ton crane still needed the help of a few Bangladeshi workers

Okay, folks. That’s all I have for today. Hope to see you all again soon.

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