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Substation rooms layout diagram

Below is the layout of the electrical rooms for a post that I sent earlier (See here:  Cable ladder pictures).

Diagram 1 – Overall layout of the substation electrical rooms for a new office building

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About the author:

The earlier post was about cable ladders. I know it can be difficult for some beginners to imagine the overall arrangement of the electrical rooms (and therefore the cable ladders) at the substation without the aid of some layout diagram.

So the above diagram should be able to help.

Keep in mind that the room layout is not a hypothetical layout. It is from the electrical substation of a building project that has been completed and commissioned.

I stripped the original layout drawing of many of the details. My intention is to help beginners slowly digest the logic and reasoning of why a substation and electrical rooms are designed the way they are.

I realize that many readers here feel that substation layouts are typical. Their designs are quite standard and therefore lengthy discussions about them are not really necessary.

That may be so if the subject of the discussion is about distribution substations. Those are substations built by the supply authorities for the purpose of electricity distribution in their supply networks.

However, when it comes consumer substations inside a building or facilities, the story can be really different.

The root of the problem is space. The size of the spaces allocated for electrical rooms and their locations can cost a lot of money. No building owner would allow a transformer room be allocated at the prime areas (i.e. the areas where dollars per square meter of rentable space is high) of their buildings.

Likewise, no design architect would support it either unless they really have to.

So if you are a new engineer that has just started your career in a design office, this is one area you really need to pay attention to. If you don’t, one day you will find yourself spending many sleepless nights because of a badly designed substation layout.

I will send a number of posts on electrical substations and electrical rooms. This one is just the beginning.

See you soon.

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