Monday, January 21, 2013

Architectural Lighting

I do not know how many readers will like this picture, but I like it.

Picture 1 - A nice picture

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About the author:

A few may even question whether it does qualify into the category of electrical pictures.

This is actually a photoshot of the top of a bridge at night. The bridge shines out nicely as it reflects the light rays from light sources installed at ground level.

It is true that this is actually an architectural work.. architectural lighting to be precise.

However, the architects need electrical engineers to to handle these high power lighting, especially since the lighting is actually installed at public areas.

Picture 2 - One of the light sources at ground level.

I have been silent for many months from this blog. Today I am coming back.

I however have not decided yet what themes I am going to use to upload pictures this time. So I decided that I should start slow and use whatevers pictures that I can snap around me.

That is why I show you this picture.

The are a number of nice bridges here and I can try to take a few shots.

See you in the next post.

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welcome back

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