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Compound lighting storage yard

I took a few pictures of the storage area for compound lighting parts at a project site recently. With these pictures I think I have explained the whole system of compound lighting in this blog. So this post wraps up the topic of compound lighting. Of course, if I find more pictures that I think readers would be interested in, I will attach a link to this post also.

Picture 1 – 10 meter light poles: the lower piece

This is the lower part of 10-meter lighting poles. The upper pieces are shown in Picture 2 below.

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Picture 2 – 10 meter lighting poles: the upper piece

As you can see, these poles are still tied into bundles. These are how they get packaged and transported in lorries or trucks.

As you may already know, lighting poles are usually made of hot-dipped galvanized steel materials or some form of fiber. In this case, it is hot-dipped galvanized.

These materials are chosen for their resistance to the effects of rough weather and resistance to corrosion.

That is why when they are delivered to a construction site, it is usual to see that they are sort of “dumped” to the ground, and be left there until the time to erect them to the concrete foundation.

Picture 3 – Compound lighting concrete foundation

Observe the four anchor bolts that are visible on top of the concrete foundation. These component can also be found at the storage yard. See Picture 4 below.

Picture 4 – Anchor bolts

Picture 5 – Control gear access door

This is the access door for the light pole control-gears. I am not trying to promote any particular brand here. However, observe the design of the hinch for the control door and also the special shape of the door locking screw.

Picture 6 – Access door hinch

Picture 7 – Access door lock

Picture 8 – Complete assembly of an 8-meter compound lighting pole

Finally, the above picture shows the complete assembly of an 8-meter light pole.

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