Monday, May 17, 2010

A simple electrical installation

Anybody looking for a layout and schematic diagram of a simple electrical installation?

Diagram 1 – Simple house electrical layout

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About the author:

This layout is very old.

At least 30 years old or more.

You can see that by the number of electric socket outlet in the bedrooms and the kitchen.

A modern bedroom would need at least a few sockets in each room. You would need one for the table clock, table lamp, a television maybe, etc etc.

One electrical socket as shown in the electrical layout would definitely be not enough.

Whereas in the kitchen there is only one, and one at the dining space. The one at the kitchen area was provided for the refrigerator.

So this design IS VERY OLD.

However, I believe there are still great many areas in the world that still lack even the basic supply of household electricity.

So this simple house electrical design is still useful to great many people.

In fact, this design is more relevant. It is also more easily understood.

The single line diagram in Diagram 2 below comes together with the electrical layout in Diagram 2.

Diagram 2 – A simple house single line diagram

This blog is for beginners in electrical works. The style used in Diagram 1 and 2 above is suitable for learners of electrical works.

I will not go into detail description of these diagrams today. I have already sent a few posts that contain detail descriptions on how to read schematic diagrams. They are scattered throughout this blog. You have to search around to find them. Sorry about that.

However, for genuine beginners, they may need to know which symbol means what in the electrical layout of Diagram 1. The meaning of the individual symbols is given in Diagram 3 below.

Diagram 3 – Schedule of legends and symbols

You can see more on electrical installation work by visiting this post, Electrical installation pictures.

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