Sunday, May 9, 2010

Temporary electrical distribution

Would you believe it if I say that the picture below is a distribution system for a temporary electrical supply at a building under construction?

Picture 1 – A method(?) for a temporary electrical distribution

About the author:

I have been away for a few days. So I cannot write long posts yet.

Therefore, I will only give you pictures for a while. You have to interpret what they mean.

I took the above picture quite a while back. I thought I was interesting.

This distribution system was supplied from a temporary electrical panel nearby (see Picture 2 below).

Picture 2 – Temporary electrical panel

I was wondering why the worker needed to create such a distribution “harness”.

But I guess the answer was clear.

Notice the burn marks on one of the socket outlet at the temporary electrical panel (see Picture 3 below).

Picture 3 – Damaged electrical socket

A clearer view of the damaged outlet can be seen in Picture 4 below.

Picture 4 – Clearer view of the temporary socket outlets

You can see more pictures of electrical installations at this post, Temporary electrical installation pictures.

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