Friday, January 27, 2012

Lift car lighting

Lift car lighting inside a 21-storey high rise office building.

Picture 1 - Lift car fluorescent light inside a passenger lift under construction

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Location: Passenger lift car

Type of building: 21-storey office building

Other description:

This view is a upward view, meaning that I was looking up while taking this photograph. It was inside one of the pasesenger lifts.

The building was in the testing and commissioning stage. Actually all the lift were already tested and commissioned. However, there was some issues on the warranty and the insurance coverage of the equipment if the lift were operated before the building was handed over to the owner.

Therefore, all the lifts for the building were not turned.

However this one was operational to fulfil the needs of the main contractor as all the temporary construction lifts were already dismantled at this time.

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Jeremy said...

This pretty cool. I love your ideas about car lighting. I can't wait to try it out on mine.
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