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Site fabricated electrical trunking

What will be the problem if an electrical contractor fabricates the electrical trunking at the construction site? Why do I make an issue of this matter?

Picture 1 – Electrical trunking already installed at a new building under construction

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About the author:

Majority of Clients and Consultants that I know specifically state that all electrical trunking and the related accessories should be factory-manufactured and should preferably be obtained from the same manufacturer.

This means that all parts and pieces that make up an electrical trunking installation should purchased as finished products from factory.

Observe from Picture 1 above that one of the electrical trunking has been bent. That was to make room for something else that would be installed there later (it was not yet installed at the time this picture was taken. I am not yet very sure myself what that something is… which reminds me that I need to check it out soon).

The point here is that now and then electrical trunking need to bend and turn around things and other services and equipment along their path inside a building.

Because of that, we need the angle pieces of the trunking.

However, fabricating an angle piece from a straight trunking piece is the most economical alternative for many electrical subcontractors. That is why many of them usually try very hard to use this alternative rather than buying them ready-made from factory as specifically required by the Contract Specifications.

I was once faced with a contractor who just bulldozed their way and installed the site-fabricated trunking bends for eleven of the twenty floors of an office building.

The contractor thought he could play hardball and force me to accept and approve the installation.

Too bad he lost the battle in the end and he had to spend all the manpower and the extra “factory-manufactured” materials to redo the trunking installation.

The worst thing was that all the wiring had already been installed.

The three pictures below show a trunking bend being fabricated by the electrical worker at a construction site that I was involved in.

I rejected these works also and the rectification work should be done by the electrical subcontractor. The contractor knew I would not accept this sort of quality, but he thought he was smart I guess.

Why such a big fuss over this matter?

Because the site fabricated trunking accessories are almost always of very poor quality. The finished product usually produces very sharp edges all over the piece.

The sharp edges cut into the insulation of the wiring cables during the cable installation. When the insulation is damaged all over the place along the length of a cable, then it is no longer a good cable no matter how much you paid for it.

Wiring cables that have been damaged in this way not only become a maintenance headache to the operation people after just a few years, they are also dangerous and can cause deadly electrical accidents.


Picture 2 – 45-degree trunking bend

Picture 3 – Sharp edges of the trunking bend

Picture 4 – Site workbench where the trunking “accessories” are “manufactured”

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Hmm...Site fabricated bends & sets etc can be better and more elegant than the factory alternatives if carried out correctly, insisting on pre-made parts is contributing to a de-skilling of an already depleted trade.

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