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Electric car pics

A number of people asked why I also have the “Electric car pics” in my blog description (Note: That is the description just below the blog title above) since the day I started this blog. My answer to them is always the same: We must move towards renewable energy if we want our grandchildren to inherit a planet earth that is still livable.

And we must move fast.

I am not giving you any electric car picture yet today, because I don’t have any. However, the pictures on the clickable image below are actual pictures of electric cars. Check it out and read. Saving the earth is not a one-man’s job. The good news is that some people are able to have a little bit of fun while doing it. Don’t worry. You do not have to buy anything.

Click on the above image to read on how easy it is to build your own electric cars.

Even if you have enough money to just buy the electric car instead of building it, or you already own a hybrid car, just read the e-book.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how easy to do it helps you persuade other people to build one if they cannot afford to buy.

I think a little correction is needed here: The e-book does not really teach you how to literally build the car, but to assemble some parts into an old car to convert it from petrol or diesel-powered vehicle into an electric powered vehicle that run on batteries. These batteries are just normal batteries you can easily buy or recycle, and they can be recharged from house electricity.

If you are the kind of guy or gal who reads sports car or auto repair manual, I think you should read this book.

Is the topic of electric cars relevant to this blog?

Yes it is. It is one hundred percent relevant.

Many people always think of cars and trucks as among the mechanical machines. So did I.

However, with these crises coming closer and the electric car technology getting more popular, I think now these machines should be in the domain of electricians and electrical engineers.

Maybe some of the readers need to be told that electric car is an old technology.

The technology that makes up an electric car system has been around a long time. I am not sure how long. By a blind guess, I would say 20 years or more. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

However, who cares for electric cars?

Why should we care for this “old technology” now?

We should care because the issue of renewable energy is not among typical issues that you normally see on television.

It is not an issue like who will win the next American Idol or how long President Barack Obama will last as the U.S. president.

The two global crises

A new global crisis has started; not just one crisis but two crises are coming up fast simultaneously – the global warming and the energy crises. Both of these are global crises and in this interconnected world, all peoples of this world will have to suffer the consequences.

Everybody must be concerned and everybody should do what he or she can. If we don’t do what we can, then how can we expect the world’s governments to do what they can in order to contain these crises? Those people care much less than we all do. The corporate leaders that play golf with their presidents will make tons of money no matter what situation the world is in.

Automobiles that we drive today are one of the contributors to the global warming. We can debate on how many percent are contributed by these machines, but where the emissions can be shut off, we should do it without talking too much. That is how to get things done.

Never mind the direct cash savings that you can get from the fuel consumption you no longer need to pay.

You can help save the world

We are lucky because the electric car technology has already been here a long time. This can help us shut down the car emissions fast. In my opinion, this is something that everybody can do relatively easy.

It was for this reason I have include the electric car pictures as one of the descriptions for this blog since the beginning.

The intention is to let the Google search engine know that the scope of this blog also covers the electric car technology and related electricity producing machines and technologies such as the solar panels and the wind-powered electric generators.

Therefore, from today on you can also read some articles on solar electrical installations and wind-powered electrical plants on this blog. I also wanted to cover bio-diesel fuels, but that is a bit out of my area. So I will probably “borrow” some articles from some of the article submission directories out there.

With that said, I am going to end this post by pointing out to the readers where you can get the reading materials and step-by-step instructions on how to build your own electric cars.

Click on the link and see what the advertiser have to say. You have nothing to lose. Advertisers’ online landing pages are always full of information even though you still have to filter out the ridiculous claims when you see them. Ridiculous claims or not, we still have to buy cars so we can go to work.

See you in the next post.

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